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5 Things to Outsource When You’re Working and Traveling
Posted by Jessica Oman
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  • Olivia O’Hara

    Hi, Jessica!

    I don’t think a lot of off or online businesses realize how beneficial it is to have someone working on the busy work while on vacation, during project launches or anytime to allow them to truly focus on what they do best- speaking, writing a book or simply holding onto sanity :) Those tasks you mentioned can all be handled by a VA easily, the hard part is finding a VA who fits best with your business.

    Best Wishes,
    Olivia O’Hara
    Olivia O’Hara Solutions

    • writeahead

      Hi Olivia, thanks for your comment – yes, this is the next phase of our hiring. We already work with a great VA on marketing tasks and these are next on the list!

      • Olivia O’Hara

        Awesome! You’re going to feel so much better :)

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