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A Beach, A Laptop and an Anti-Glare Screen: The 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 22
Posted by Jessica Oman
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  • Word Central

    A trip from Seattle to LA sounds lovely. I think any spot close to nature helps you stay relaxed, which is something we lack in the centre/eastern parts.
    I’d go to any Caribbean island with reliable wifi, plop near the beach and work with a smile on my face. Wherever English, French or Spanish are spoken will work!
    Good luck with the hubby :)

    • writeahead

      You’re totally right about being close to nature! It always reminds me to look at the big picture and not get hung up on small stuff. And to take care of myself. Love your dream of working from a Caribbean island. Which ones have you been to? I’ve been to Panama, but haven’t visited any islands or ever seen the Atlantic Ocean.

      • Word Central

        Would love to check out Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras. I’m a bit addicted to HGTV’s House Hunters Int’l and always on the lookout for options. North American life is so fast compared to everywhere else and I often wonder if we’re doing it the right way.
        As far as the Caribbean, only been to Haiti because I was born there and Cuba many times. But as long as the weather cooperates, I’ll go anywhere it’s hot :)
        Enjoy your long weekend!

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