Words from Our Founder - Jessica Oman

We get a kick out of helping companies like yours become wildly successful.

We've got credentials, creativity, and confidence – all wrapped up into a package of business clout that you just can't ignore, and we're as passionate about your business as you are.
A few years ago, I noticed that a lot of businesses were really hurting their credibility with mediocre, ho-hum writing. With an MBA and Bachelor’s degrees in English and Education, I knew I could make a difference by helping entrepreneurs create compelling business plans and outstanding written content.

I really care about making sure my clients get the personalized support and financial knowledge they deserve. Today, the companies we’ve worked with are popping up all over town, their owners creating new niches for their awesome products and services and watching their sales take off.

I write business plans that pack a punch and make investors and lenders pay attention. I can also make your writing sing – whether it’s a business plan you’re about to submit to a bank, or your latest white paper that shows off your company’s expertise. My advice is straightforward and honest, because I really want you to succeed!

Some personal stuff: My only vehicle is a bicycle. Challenge me to a game of pool and I’ll probably win. I am that person with too many pictures of her cute dog and I’ll show you all of them if you ask. I like dragonboat racing and I know more about professional sports than most women you know.

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