Celeste Munger - Finance Associate

We get a kick out of helping companies like yours become wildly successful.

We've got credentials, creativity, and confidence – all wrapped up into a package of business clout that you just can't ignore, and we're as passionate about your business as you are.
Celeste’s diverse background boasts the unlikely combination of an MBA and a Fine Arts Theatre Design degree.

She’ll make your financials make sense, and unlike many consultants, she’ll explain what they mean, too! By the time you’re ready to approach a bank or investor for financing, Celeste will make sure you understand what your financial reports and projections say about your company, so you can explain them clearly to your bank or investors, and secure the financing you need to launch or grow.

Before becoming a mom to two smart, feisty boys, Celeste lived in Japan and Korea, and hopes to start travelling again in a few years.

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