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Are You the Right Person for Your Business?
Posted by Jessica Oman
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  • Dee Sarwan

    Why am I the right person to run my business?

    Having a business idea and managing a business are two different things and I understand that. To manage a business you have to understand the business and make choices that will benefit the business. Currently, I own a business that teaches hair salon training courses, not only do I manage it but I can teach my courses. If there is anyone that is right for their business it is someone who puts 100% everyday and anytime to help their business flourish!hairsalontrainingpros is the heart of what I love to do and I am the right person to run my business. However, this is an interesting perspective because not everyone can have an idea, carry it out and manage it by themself.
    So who is the right person for your business? In my opinion, the right person is someone who can lead the business to success, overome the difficult obstacles and make the hard choices. If this is you, why shouldn’t you be the right person to run your business?

    • Jessica

      Thanks for your comment, Dee! I agree, the passion and the drive are often enough – but the management skills are still crucial. For business owners that struggle with this, a partnership can be a smart thing to consider too!

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