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Bad Spelling is Expensive
Posted by Jessica Oman
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  • Tara

    I agree wholeheartedly! I’m by no means a grammar elitist (I believe it’s okay to stretch the rules of English for a purpose), and I can forgive a lot of errors in a personal letter. However, as a consumer I do hold the websites of businesses to a much higher standard than I do other websites. If I see mistakes, shortcuts, grammar cheats etc. on a site that’s trying to sell me something, I feel that they’re not very serious about making a good impression. Attention to detail should be a trait that every business wants to project!

  • Natasha

    I have worked with so many people who just do NOT know how to spell, and also don’t know how to properly use grammar and punctuation. Mainly I have experienced this in people in their early 40′s, and wonder if this is a reflection of a bad era of academia. I have also seen a lot of resumes come through my workplaces, both in Vancouver and Saskatchewan, and I don’t understand some people’s idea of a ‘resume’. As far as I am concerned, a one-page, point form list of places you have worked and what you did there, all misspelled and lacking in capital letters, all the while without any uniformity in the formatting of the document, does not a resume make. If I was a hiring manager, I would enjoy contacting all the people who sent in shoddy resumes, and explaining to them why they would not be hired based on the quality of their current resume. It’s not like there aren’t resources available for people who need help in creating a more professional looking resume, but if you obviously haven’t even taken the time to look for some help, then how can you be expected to take the time to get a job done properly? And, rant complete…

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