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Finding Your Entrepreneurial Mindset: The 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 2
Posted by Jessica Oman
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  • @Ekat_Ra

    Mindset! Oh, my favourite topic!

    What a surprise to find out your major life goal, Jessica! I would never ever think of it! Cool to know. =)

    I build my business to kiss goodbye to city lifestyle and start living in nature!

  • @Ekat_Ra

    I took me a while to leave a comment here. I couldn’t do it on Chrome.

  • writeahead

    Thanks Ekaterina! I love that you want to live more in nature. We should get together – I just spent a month in the US and saw a lot of amazing places – Grand Canyon and Sequoia Park, for example.

    Sorry Chrome gave you trouble but I’m glad you got your comment up!

  • Word Central

    That’s a great question. I would take my writing with me and travel to developing countries. Help set up micro businesses to help women empower themselves. I’ve always wanted to do some type of onsite consulting work and given the state of women and girls in the third world, I think that would be it for me.
    Good post!

    • writeahead

      Thanks for your comment Sandra! I’m glad you like the post. Your aspiration is really exciting, too – have you checked out Kiva before? It will allow you do help out now, while you create your business and lifestyle to support more travel.

  • Word Central

    I hadn’t heard of them, but I’ll check them out – thanks for the tip :)

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