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How to Edit and Proofread Documents on Your Computer
Posted by Nicole
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  • Colleebn Barnhart

    Ruler is a good idea. I increase the document size150 % to enable me to see the errors more clearly, and always read and compare from a hard copy to another. I always catch more errors. I just need help in making the PERFECT document, even one error is not acceptable. As my job does not allow met to make mistakes and/or errors.

    Thanks for the suggestions, hopefully it will help save my job.

    • Jessica

      Yes, zooming in can really help! I do a quick read through at a normal size and then zoom in for closer reading.

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  • Nadine

    Great article Nicole! Lots of helpful tips.Getting up and moving around every 30 minutes is a good reminder. It’s too easy to get glued… and tired!

  • Sean

    I’ll be honest, I still proofread the “old-fashioned” way. I actually print out a hard copy of my document, mark it up by hand (using the ruler trick and so forth), then transcribe those edits back into the electronic version using the track changes tool.

    It’s a bit wasteful of paper, true (and I consequently feel a bit sheepish admitting I do this, especially since I work for an environmental organization), but I find the method to be sufficiently more effective that it’s worth it. I can’t imagine trying to proofread directly on the monitor.

    I guess I’m just a luddite at heart.

    • Jessica

      Well, as long as you’re printing on recycled paper with plant-based inks, and then recycling that paper…then I guess it’s not so bad! It is more difficult to adapt to the screen, I agree.

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