Mediocre Writing is Costing Your Business Thousands.
Do you always leave your writing projects to the last minute? Are you wasting time staring at a blank screen because you don’t have the tools to write quickly and confidently?
Then you need Communicating with Confidence: The Creative, Ambitious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Better Business Writing
Business writing isn’t easy, but you know how important it is for your readers to understand your message. Excellent business writing leads to a better connection with your customers, and ultimately more sales. This knowledge could be worth thousands of dollars to your business.
If you want to increase your profits and make writing one of the STRENGTHS of your business, STOP throwing your valuable time and money away. Get this guide and start seeing results in less than a month.
In this step-by-step guide that includes templates and worksheets for many common types of business writing, you’ll learn how to make writing for your business easier, faster, and less frustrating. It’s the definitive guide to using writing to get your message out, market your business, and ultimately attract a whole lot more revenue and profits to your company. Here’s the four-part breakdown:
  • Part 1: No One Cares About Your Widgets – How to Write So Your Audience Gets It
  • Part 2: Words in Print – How to Make Your Writing Shine Offline
  • Part 3: Words on the Web – How to Write So You Stand Out Online
  • Part 4: Getting More Efficient – How to Use Tools & Technology to Your Advantage

Copy for your web site will cost over $1000. A business plan? $3000 and up. Professional editing services? That could cost $500 a year.

We’re giving you at least a $4500 value – and the power to do this yourself  for just $97.

You’re a procrastinator. Admit it! You are. If you can’t admit it, then see if any of these situations look familiar:
  • You have a blog on your web site, but you haven’t updated it for four months. Or, your last post describes an “upcoming event” that’s already happened. You know you *should* be blogging more often, but every time you sit down to do it, you start browsing the web for ideas, and two hours later you’ve written eight words. You vow to finish it tomorrow…and the next day…and the next.
  • Your print marketing campaigns are always a struggle to write and your response rates are low. You hired a copywriter last time, but there was still an error and so you lost both money and sales. You vowed to get some training to do it yourself, but you haven’t done it yet. Consequently, you haven’t been marketing and business is at a standstill.
  • Your business plan no longer reflects what’s going on in your company because you wrote it two years ago and never looked at it again. You need a loan to expand but…you know your plan doesn’t cut it any more. How do you write that compelling Executive Summary? What’s the key to getting lenders or investors interested in reading your plan?

Can you relate? …thought so. Now you could hire a copy writer to spruce up your web site copy, or a social media expert to keep your content current. That would save some time…but there’s a cost involved. What if you could quickly learn how to write better quality content faster? What if you had some instructions and guidelines to help you?

Now you do. Go ahead. Work through this guide and in just one month, you’ll be converting more leads, growing your list, applying for funding, and doing all those things that you used to have to pay for.

What results you can expect
If you work through our guide over the next month, we’re sure you’ll start attracting just the kinds of customers you want to buy your stuff. You know, the customer you had in mind when you started your business – someone who is ready to buy, understands the value they’ll get from you and keeps coming back for more.Among the valuable skills you’ll learn:
  • How to write a blog post in half an hour instead of half a day
  • How to make sure your own writing is clear and error-free
  • How to create print materials that you don’t have to update every two months
  • How to use online tools and technology to save even more time
Why are we so sure this guide will help your business earn more money?

Because bad writing costs businesses money. It’s true. If your customers don’t understand what you’re offering them because your web copy is vague and confusing, they’ll go buy from someone else. If your marketing materials are full of typos, people won’t take you seriously. Poor writing looks lazy, and no one wants to buy from someone who’s too lazy to communicate clearly and concisely.

Right? (or should we say…Write?)

Don’t think you have time to practice for a month? Well, do you have time to stare at a blinking cursor every day? No. You don’t. Do something productive instead. Our guide includes templates for blog posts, business plans, sales letters and more!
What our clients say
We cater to procrastinators. We know writing is hard, and we take it very seriously, especially on sunny Friday afternoons. But we don’t want effective business writing to be a mystery to everyone – we want to help you get better at it too! Our clients say lots of nice things about us, and here are some of them:
  • “We love fundamentals and practice that makes the knowledge stick. This book delivers.” — Tara Landes, President & Founder, Bellrock
  • “CWC not only helped me launch my business, but has been a well-used desktop staple in the years since.  Hardly a dull read, It’s chocked full of wry-witted humour and practical tips that both elevate and streamline the writing process. Worth its weight in gold!” — Andrea Graham, Well Said Writing Services
  • I highly recommend Nicole. She get things done fast, and with no mistakes. She helps move my writing from good to great.” — Rick Kaselj,
If you want to take your writing from good to great, for a lot less than the cost of outsourcing, then you need this guide.
About the Authors
Nicole and Jessica are both trained educators and business owners with Education and English degrees. They’re both Geminis (so this is really like getting writing advice from four people). This talented writing duo couldn’t ignore their inner teachers any longer and decided to create Communicating with Confidence in response to comments from customers and fans who said they wanted to learn how to be better writers.

Talented writer, researcher and editor Nicole Breit holds an English degree from the University of Victoria and an Education degree from the University of British Columbia.

Her passion for writing clever, fresh copy really pays off for our clients, who can be confident that their written communications speak clearly to their audience.

Jessica creates and edits business plans, blogs, articles and web content for small businesses, always keeping the company’s ideal customer in mind.

She believes business writing is meant to increase sales, convert leads to customers, and get investors excited about small businesses. She founded her company Write Ahead in 2010 and has helped dozens of entrepreneurs get funding for their small businesses and create copy that sells more stuff.


This is $97 you won’t regret spending. So:

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