Business Planning for New Entrepreneurs : From ‘Idea’ to ‘Open’ in Record Time


July 6, 2013, 9 am – 1 pm

Location: Gerding Theatre at the Armory

128 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR

Registration: $150*

Working on your Business Plan? Confused about Where to Start – or How to Finish?
Writing a business plan is about much more than filling in a template. To do it well and get that business loan or entice an investor, you need to see your business objectively and understand how to make the best decisions for your new company. Every part of your business affects all the other parts. The path from “idea” to “open” is rarely a straight line – so why are you trying to write your business plan that way?
We’ll Show You How to Write a Business Plan – and Offer You Free Support and Resources for Your Growing Company

Join us in your city for over three hours of learning and inspiration, where we’ll help you learn to think like a business owner and answer the tough questions you’ve been stuck on for far too long. You’ll leave feeling inspired to write your business plan and use it to take the next step to start or grow your company. And for an entire month after your event, you’ll get free email support from an MBA-educated consultant from Write Ahead.

We’ll cover five big topics you need to know inside and out to be able to write a business plan – one that will wow the banks and guide your new company to wild success. The topics are:

  • The People – why YOU for THIS business? We’ll talk about your role in the company and how to decide who to hire.
  • The Industry – what are the most important trends in your new company’s industry, and how will they affect your business?
  • The Customers – who is your ideal customer? We’ll discuss why the people who buy from you and the people you’re selling to might not be the same.
  • The Money – how will you pay for all the things you need to start this business? Where will the money come from?
  • The Format – how long should it be and how should you present it?


When you understand these five elements and how they fit together, you’ll have everything you need to write your own business plan, save thousands of dollars on consulting fees, and start your dream off on solid footing.

We’ll show you how to tackle the task of writing a business plan and make it easy to understand, simple to complete, and ready for the banks to evaluate. During the workshop, we’ll explain all of the essential elements of a business plan and why they need to be there, as well as get you started on some exercises to help you write your plan. By the time you leave, you’ll have a great start and be that much closer to launching your dream company.

What You Get When you Register

Once you register, we’ll add you to our email list and you’ll receive your copy of How to Write a Business Plan to Launch Your Entrepreneurial Journey (a $97 value). Before the workshop we’ll send you a little “homework” – just a few questions to help us make sure we give you the information you really need to launch and grow your company.

Your workshop fees include:

  • 3+ hours of instruction and activities to help you write your business plan
  • An e-copy of How to Write a Business Plan to Launch Your Entrepreneurial Journey
  • 30 days of unlimited email access to a Write Ahead consultant to ask any questions you want
  • Free “take action now” checklists for business launch and growth
  • A subscription to our bi-monthly business resource email list
  • Continental breakfast (for morning workshops), light dinner (for evening workshops), and refreshments


You’ll leave the workshop with a list of things you can do right away to plan your path from ‘idea’ to ‘open’.

What Previous Participants Say

“It was a great workshop… I have everything I need to write a compelling Business Plan and most important I have found the best professional in town to help me out once I am ready to tackle this task.” – Michael Zino, YAYME.com

“I really enjoyed your presentation…you have all the information that I feel I lack, so it was great to have some of those holes filled. You really know your stuff! I walked away with information that will enable me to get the right details [to write a business plan].” – Andrea Graham, Well Said Writing Services

Ready to Launch Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

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Your presenter:

Jessica Oman, Write Ahead

Jessica Oman is the author of How to Write a Business Plan and the founder of Write Ahead, a team of specialists dedicated to guiding new and growing entrepreneurial businesses through the process of start-up and financing. Jessica has worked on over 100 business plans since the launch of her company, and has developed a strong portfolio of amazing businesses in Vancouver and throughout the US.

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