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Marketing Tips For Startups: Advertising On Craigslist
Posted by Nicole
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  • Chang Han

    Nice overview and useful advice. I wish there was more specific data related to each aspect of running an ad campaign on craigslist as well as more detailed step-by-step ‘how to’ instructions. These two additions would have made this blog awesome. As is, it’s worth a read, but there are no concrete take-away’s worth passing on to someone else.

    • Nicole

      Many thanks for your comment, with great feedback on how this post would have been more helpful to you. In the future I may write a second post on advertising on Craigslist, with a more specific focus and/or instructions. Thanks again for reading and for your comment!

  • eMarketing Copywriter

    I think this was quite clear – write a keyworded headline, post it in a section it belongs in and monitor. Is the goal here to get website traffic? For example, would I post a job ad? Or maybe ask for experience (Writer seeks coach to ghostwrite ebook for?)?

    • writeahead

      I initially used Craigslist to get new clients, but there are lots of ways to use Craigslist effectively to market your business. The events page is also a great way to get people to our workshops!

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