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5 Things We Love About Small Business (And Not Just in October)
Posted by Celeste
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  • Sandra

    I think many people forget #3. There are no politics in small biz, which is one of the reasons many people decide to leave their corporate gig and branch off on their own. I think it’s a total perk!

    • writeahead

      Love the lack of politics! Still, I believe you need to consciously create an atmosphere of open communication so that the politics don’t start to develop as your business grows.

      What’s your business, Sandra?

      • Word Central

        Yes, agree. Old habits can resurface if you’re not careful.
        I think sometimes prospects forget that small vendors can adjust faster and be more proactive than their larger counterparts. Speed is a huge benefit of dealing with small biz.
        I’m a B2B copywriter @

        • writeahead

          Ah, there you are! I’ve seen your posts :) Thanks for commenting and getting involved with the blog!

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