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3 Tips to Avoid Common Writing Errors
Posted by Nicole
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  • Adnan

    Many thanks for the tips and looking forward to “Ten Tips for Editing and Proofreading”. Again a dilema, where to put the period; after or before ” . Thanks for clarification.

  • Tara

    This is a useful article! Thank you – I learned a lot. Now If I could just learn where to find an em dash on my iPad keyboard…!

  • Mamolete D, Mohapi

    I am delighted to receive this important message which i believe received at the right time. In fact the observations made have been in my list of questions as to what right and what wrong. This is very enlightening.

  • Nicole

    Thank you all for your comments. If there are any grammatical questions you would like to see a blog post about in future, please feel free to comment or send us an email. We’d be happy to respond in an upcoming article, and may feature the answer to your question in our upcoming ebook!

  • Ekaterina

    This post is so useful for me because English is my second language. Nicole, I have a question for future posts. I always get confused where the period goes when I use parentheses.

    • Nicole

      Thank you for your comment and question, Ekaterina. Where the period goes when using parentheses trips up a lot of people, myself included, because it changes depending on the sentence.

      I’ve referred to Karen Judd’s Copy Editing: A Practical Guide for the rules, and the examples I cite below for each rule are Judd’s.

      1) When parentheses occur in the middle of a sentence, punctuation should go after the parentheses. According to Darwin (1809-1882), species adapt and make their own way.

      2) The placement of question marks and exclamation points varies depending on whether what is enclosed in parentheses is the question or exclamation, or the sentence itself: Jonas (can you believe it?) actually swam all the way to shore (the north shore)!

      3) Where to place a period also depends on what is enclosed in parentheses. If what is in parentheses is a sentence, the period goes inside. If it is only part of the sentence, the period goes outside the parentheses:

      I went out for lunch yesterday. (I try to get out once a week.)

      I went out for lunch yesterday (for the first time in two weeks).

      Hope that helps, and thanks again for your feedback!

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